Gallery 2
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Chevy Shalom—B02

The 'Hood—B03

Cadillac ac ac ac—B04

Chevy Colores—B05

Sidewalks of Greenfield—B06

Jag Zig Zag—B07

Buick Beauties—B08

Bumping Into You—B09

Puddle of Time Past—B10

Colored Gems—B11

Hudson Hornet Trees —B12

Sun Dog—B13

Hangin' in the Rain—B14

Somewhere Else—B15

Girl 'n' Grille—B16


Cruisalator Ventaports—B18

'57 Chevy—B19

For EVR—B20

Time Traveler—B21

Crossing the Line—B22

Blue Streak—B23